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“By Developing our communiplex we will create a recreational heart for Melita’s Community”

The Communiplex Committee plans to construct a fully accessible addition to combine three of our existing facilities to create one, multi-use year-round complex.


A facility that is home to all of Melita and Area Community members with amenities for all -from the youngest to the oldest. A facility that can become a community centre for ice users, swimmers, walkers, fitness enthusiasts, parties, and many more community events.


The Melita and Area New Pool Committee was formally organized in 2004. This committee surveyed the community to gather input from local citizens. The results of the survey and discussions indicated that the area, curling rink and pool should consolidate efforts to develop a multiple use facility. The cost and time frame required to complete such a large project was more than the Committee was prepared to do all at once. Thus, it was decided to consider the project in phases. Phase 1 concluded with the completion of the new pool which opened in the summer of 2008 and is completely paid for.

Phase 2

In 2010 the area, curling club and swimming pool joined to form the Melita & Area Communiplex Committee. Each organization understands the potential of combining resources to improve operations and staffing and to better utilize our volunteer base. The Melita and Area Arena also recently completed capital upgrades. A new ice plant and new boards with extended glass have been installed. New seating with expanded glass was installed in the waiting room in the Summer of 2013.

The Committee feels its is important for the project, once completed, to be fully accessible with a new shared entrance, new washrooms, new dressing/change rooms for the arena, pool and fitness centre. The facility will be multi-use, more energy efficient and operationally viable and more importantly, viewed as a facility that will serve the entire community for many years to come. The individuals on the communiplex committee are investing a huge commitment of time and energy to complete this project. We are now ready to launch our capital campaign. Please consider committing financial support to help us make this community a dream a reality. With your help we can move forward together to renovate and build for the future of our Melita & Area Community!

Estimated Community Project Funds Received – $3,500,000
Proposed Communiplex: Front Addition and Floor Plan 
Groundbreaking Ceremony held on Aug. 11, 2018