Melita & Area Economic Development Corp.

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The Melita and Area Economic Dev’t Corp. was established in 1997. Our mission is to promote and enhance economic development and job creation in the Town of Melita and surrounding Area by fostering, promoting, and implementing economic and tourism development initiatives within Melita and Area. The five strategic priorities we plan to focus on are:

1.    Retaining vital services and businesses

2.    Developing a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem

3.    Identifying, attracting and developing specific industries 

4.    Attracting and retaining population 

5.    Developing tourism in the area 

Economic Development Office - Eric Forster, EDO

Town of Melita
Box 364 Melita, Manitoba R0M1L0
Telephone: (204) 522-3413 Fax: (204) 522-3587 | email:

The Economic Development Office is here to provide assistance in your business or relocation requirements. We encourage you to discover what our area could offer and how this can be your new location for growth. We can guide you on relevant information about the region to help in your business-decision making process.  Our proactive approach to opportunities and customer service towards individuals or businesses considering settling in our Town, can help in your transition as you move in and be a part of our community. We are a good networking resource by introducing you to organizations and individuals in the area that may contribute to the success of your new venture.

Member Municipalities: 

Town of Melita: The Town of Melita has many new projects moving forward, we are a community that focuses on the growth of our area through implementation of sustainable community and economic development practices; by building capacity on our present strengths and values, and being mindful of our weaknesses and generating a creative and entrepreneurial spirit among our people through education programs; while maintaining and renewing the area’s economic growth to enhance the present and future. The Town of Melita benefits from being a service hub to the Southwest corner of the province. 

Click here to go to Municipality of Brenda-Waskada website - Waskada is a small community of approximately 200 people. It’s a place where you know your neighbours and people look out for one another. We have a diverse history of farming in our region. From grain, beef, dairy and more, it’s been in our roots for more than 100 years.

Click here to go to 2 Borders website

Two Borders offers many recreational activities and opportunities for residents and visitors. We invite you to find out more details on the various recreation activities in and around our region. The Municipality of Two Borders is a full service region with all the modern amenities you would find in an urban centre. 

Board of Directors

Chair / Treasurer - Eric Forster, Economic Development Officer (Melita) 

Secretary - Debbie McMechan, Reeve (Two Borders) 

Directors - Jordan Morningstar, Reeve (Brenda-Waskada), Marla Barsness, Bob Brown, Curtis Brown