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Online Training Available:

World Trade Centre Winnipeg : 

DATES AND TIMES (COURSES ARE FREE) * Click on courseAttendee will learn the following:
1. How lay-offs work and what you can and cannot do.
2. What options are available under COVID-19 in terms of employees and operations.
3. What lessons can be learned from the pandemic. 

(Tuesday April. 7 @ 11 am - 12 pm)

1. Overview of most broadly applicable programs and deferrals to date
2. How to best apply them to your business and situation
3. Budget and forecasting for the slowdown and recover 
1. Strategies to help you initiate a smooth transition to a remote workforce, establish a structure or framework for attaining overall team goals, and evaluate your remote work program
2. Key success factors of leading remotely and how to integrate them into your everyday activities
3. Tips to help you support the emotional health of your employees while working remotely 

Business Development Bank of Canada:

The spread of COVID-19 poses important challenges to Canadian businesses.  Join BDC experts as they share short-term economic perspectives and advice on how to manage through the crisis.

Information Resources:

Pathway through the Pandemic - Strategies and tools to lead your company through the coronavirus crisis. MNP COVID-19 Business Advice Centre 

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce have updated their website to support businesses/employers or local Chamber of Commerce leaders seeking information and shareable resources about employment conditions, worker safety, and more. Find out more here

Important Notes:

Effective April 1st Manitoba government announces closure of non-essential services.  Find out more here

Businesses with questions about how the order and schedule of critical services apply to their operations can visit for up to date information, and to ask questions that will be answered by government officials. Find out more here